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The main arena in which FE policy is discussed in the NI Assembly is through the Employment and Learning Committee. The Committee hold a meeting on Wednesday morning's of each week which are open to members of the public.  These are generally held in Parliament Buildings - with some hosted off-site. 

CNI send weekly NI Assembly Updates via email to personnel across the FE sector.  If you work in an FE College and would like added to this Distribution List - please email 

Future presentations to the Employment and Learning Committee in 2014

  • Plan to present an update on the Salisbury Taskforce in 2015 (TBC)

CNI presentations to the Employment and Learning Committee in 2014

CNI presentation on Hardship Funds and budget cuts (Oct 2014)
  • CNI wrote to the Committee to request giving an update to the Hardship press stories of early September 2014.  
  • CNI presented to the Committee on 15 October 2014.
  • Given the impending budget cuts - we used to presentation to firstly cover Hardship Funds as planned and secondly spent some time on presenting the impact of the budget cuts.  Hansard report available 
  • Our press release on this issue is attached

CNI presentation on Apprenticeships (May 2014) 

Colleges NI presentation on Youth training (May 2014)  

Colleges NI presentation on Industrial Relations / Salisbury Report (March 2014)
  • No Hansard paper available.  However, the video recording is available on the following link.

Colleges NI presentation on Programme Led Apprenticeships and in particular issues around Electro Technical provision (Feb 2014)

More information on the Employment and Learning Committee 

In NI there are two Departments within the education / skills remit
Broadly the differentiation between the two is as follows:

  • The Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) focuses on FE Colleges, HE institutions and training providers
  • The Department for Education (DE) focuses on nursery, primary and post primary schools

For updated press releases from DEL / Minister for Employment and Learning

  • See the DEL website homepage (right hand column) for news updates and press releases

For updated press releases from DE / Minister for Education

  • See the DE website homepage for news updates and press releases

 All DEL and DE press releases relevant to the FE Sector are uploaded onto our News page regularly: