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The Connected website has lots of information on this initiative and details of case studies -

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Connected is an exciting initiative involving Queen’s University, University of Ulster, the six Regional Colleges and Cafre.  It aims to help businesses improve their performance by providing access to a broad portfolio of knowledge and technology support services. Universities and colleges have so much to offer the business world. Working in collaboration with universities/colleges can bring real and measurable benefits to your bottom line.

The goal of Connected is to foster closer partnerships between our region’s businesses, both large and small, and the university/college departments who are keen to work with you. For many businesses and organisations who wish to collaborate with a university/college, the challenge can often be to understand what is available and identify the relevant expertise. Through Connected, businesses and organisations suddenly gain access to a significant resource, which can bring about major business benefits. Connected is here to encourage, ease and increase potential knowledge exchange links between academia and industry, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Within the project team there is an accumulation of decades of experience covering a very broad range of expertise.

Some of the supported projects across various businesses and colleges include:

What Is Knowledge Transfer?

Knowledge transfer is about exchanging good ideas, research results, experiences and skills between universities/colleges, business, government and the wider community. This enables innovative new products, services, processes and policies to be developed. Knowledge transfer is now widely recognised as a key component for economic development.

Universities/colleges are not just places that produce skilled graduates; they also provide a vast diversity of expertise. The sharing of expertise and resources can prove mutually beneficial to companies and the further and higher education sectors.

Northern Ireland’s universities and colleges are home to a growing wealth of knowledge, which can benefit the Northern Ireland business community and the community at large.

More information

Visit the Connected website ( or contact Lynn Connaughton or Catherine McCoey at Colleges NI.