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Carbon Zero

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Carbon Zero

Carbon Zero Northern Ireland provides technology development and innovation support to Industry and will deliver an extensive array of training courses focused on developing a skilled workforce in renewable energy in Northern Ireland.

The Carbon Zero NI programme is a sector-wide initiative by the Further Education sector under the leadership of the South West College in Northern Ireland. This programme is supported by the Department of Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland through the Innovation Fund, Employer Support Programme.

Courses developed under the Carbon Zero NI programme will address the ever-increasing need for skills and knowledge in the area of clean energy development in Northern Ireland.

For more information on the courses offered by each Further Education College under the Carbon Zero NI Programme click on any of the College logos below:

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Training Courses

The courses will cover the areas of:

  • Renewable energy awareness for homes and business

  • Renewable energy technologies including Wind, Solar, Biomass and Hydro

  • Waste management

  • Responsible sourcing of materials

  • Sustainable construction

Current R&D under the Carbon Zero NI programme will position Northern Ireland as an international player in the sustainable development and clean energy sectors.


The technical research will focus on three key areas of growth in Northern Ireland:

  • Wind Energy

  • Energy from Waste

  • Clean Energy Storage

These technologies have been identified as areas that require immediate support in relation to dedicated research and development as they are evolving rapidly at both a local and international level.

The Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh, in partnership with local authorities, third-level institutions and clean technology industries in Pittsburgh and the Further Education sector in Northern Ireland are involved in an exchange programme for aspiring engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and other professionals focusing on clean technology and sustainability.