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Types of Support

Human Support

The role of human support is to enable the student with a disability or medical condition to access their chosen course of study in a manner which empowers the student to fully participate in the experience. Depending on what your individual support requirements are, you may find it useful to access some of the below support:

A Classroom Assistant will provide assistance to the individual student. This might include physically assisting a wheelchair user around the campus and classroom or providing non-medical personal assistance in other forms.

A Note-taker will attend class with the student and provide an accurate written account of the information conveyed in the lecture/tutorial/practical. The note-taker role is one of communication only and will not provide tutoring or academic support to the student.

A Sign Language Interpreter / Communication Support Worker will facilitate communication between spoken and signed language by translating from BSL to spoken English and vice versa for student / tutor and student with other students.

A Learning Mentor will assist a student with the organisation of their coursework, time management skills and exam techniques. This support is provided in a designated session outside of class time, usually for one hour on a weekly basis during term time or as agreed with the Disability Advisor.

One-to-One Orientation support can be provided for students, especially those with a visual impairment, to allow them time to adjust and become familiar with their new environment and access all facilities available on the BMC Campus.