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Colleges NI has submitted responses to each of the consultations listed below

DfE - Apprenticeship Levy

  • The Apprenticeship Levy which was announced by the UK Government in 2015. 
  • It is due to introduced in April 2017.  It will apply to all employers in Northern Ireland with a pay bill of over £3 million. 
  • A copy of our response is available at: Click Here

DE - Integrated Education

  • The school / FE engagement supported through the Entitlement Framework contributes to improved educational outcomes and also to the integrated education and shared futures agenda.
  • In NI 93% of children attend a school which is either exclusively or predominantly Catholic or Protestant, however, all of our six regional FE Colleges are truly integrated. 
  • Through the Entitlement Framework, in particular, pupils are inadvertently gaining from integrated education.  For example, through the entitlement framework pupils from neighbouring schools (often segregated education provision) are then taught together in one classroom in the FE college.
  • The FE Colleges a ‘truly integrated’ education system, unlike the majority of the primary or post primary school system.
  • For a copy of the CNI response - please contact Karen Lennon. 

DEL - New FE Strategy

DEL - Frequency of Student Support Payments

  • Deadline 27 September 2015 - email Karen Lennon for a copy.
  • In summary, should students receiving financial continue to be paid termly or should this be changed to be more frequent payments.
  • For details visit: Consultation Document

HEFCE - Future approaches to quality assessment

  • CNI response submitted on 18th September 2015 CNI response
  • Consultation Document may be found on the HEFCE Website

DHSS - Safeguarding young people

DE - Consultation on GCSE grading

DFP - Budget Consultation
  • A copy of the Draft Budget announced by Minister Hamilton is available at: DFP consultation
  • Our media work on budget cuts is summarised at CNI budget media
  • For copies of the CNI responses submitted on 29 Dec 2015, please contact Karen Lennon

DEL Youth Training consultation

 NI Assembly - Careers review

DEL Higher Education Strategy - various projects being taken forward

  • DEL are currently implementing circa 20 projects under the Graduating to Success and the widening participation Access to Success Strategy
  • Formal consultation on Review of HE to be launched later in 2014.

E&L Committee - enquiry into SEN

  • Two workshops to gather views for this inquiry - Results from 1st workshop Workshop Findings
  • Overall report published March 2016  SEN report

DEL Higher Education Strategy (submitted Sep 2014)

Ofqual - Lifting the accreditation requirement
  • CNI response submitted 6 August 2014.    Colleges Northern Ireland - Ofqual consult response - Lift. Accred.pdf
  • Consultation on the lifting the requirement that all qualifications be checked by Ofqual ('accreditation requirement') before they are added to the list of regulated qualifications. 
  • The rationale is to remove the  regulatory requirements that sometimes get in the way of designing and delivering good qualifications. (Consultation Deadline 6 August).

New PEACE and INTERREG Programmes

DE - Common Funding / Schools Funding Formula

DETI - Investment for Growth & Jobs Programme / ERDF Programme for 2014-2020

  • This consultation examined the focus of the new ERDF programme and spend priorities
  • CNI response submitted in October 2013 DETI - ERDF - CNI response.pdf
  • DETI produced a summary of the 33 consultation responses in March 2014 Consultation link
  • For updated information on this programme and updates on when applications will be open visit: DETI web link

DEL - Investment for Growth & Jobs Programme / ESF Programme for 2014-2020

  • This consultation examined the focus of the new ESF programme and spend priorities
  • CNI response submitted in October 2013 DEL - ESF - CNI response.pdf
  • DEL produced a summary of the 52 consultation responses  Summary
  • For updated information on this programme and updates on when applications will be open visit: Weblink

DEL - Innovation Strategy

DEL - Youth Training Review

  • The aim of the review of youth training is to ensure that youth training at level 2 reflects the changing needs of the Northern Ireland economy, and offers a progression pathway for young people into an apprenticeship at level 3, a further education programme at level 3, or a sustainable job. (Qualifications at level 2 include GCSEs at grades A*C, NVQs at level 2 and BTEC).

DEL - Apprenticeships Review 

  • Major review of apprenticeships across NI
  • CNI response submitted in April 2014 DEL - Apprenticeships - CNI response.pdf. 
  • CNI presented their key messages to the Employment and Learning Committee in May 2014    Weblink
  • New Apprenticeship strategy launched by Minister Farry in June 2014 Weblink

DE - Review of Home School Transport

  • CNI submitted a consultation response in April 2014 DE Home School Transport - Colleges NI response.pdf

DEL - Economic Inactivity Review

  • Next Steps & Indicative Timescales - Engagement with Executive Sub-Committee on the Economy – summer 2014, Cross-departmental development of final strategy – autumn 2014, Consideration by NI Executive – winter 2014, Commence implementation – spring 2015 and Regular stakeholder engagement throughout lifecycle of 10 year strategy.
  • In June 2014 DEL published a summary of all responses received
  • CNI submitted a response in April 2014 DEL Economic Inactivity Consultation - CNI response.pdf.
  • DEL update to the Employment and Learning Committee in May 2014 Weblink

OFMDFM - Active Ageing 

Employment and Learning Inquiry into SEN post 19 provision

  • The Committee for Employment and Learning undertook an inquiry into post Special Educational Need (SEN) Provision in education, employment and training for those with Learning Disabilities in Northern Ireland.  The deadline for submissions was end of June 2014.
  • CNI response Colleges NI - Summary response to the SEN inquiry.pdf

For further information on any policy response - please contact Karen Lennon at Colleges NI.