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British Council invites Northern Ireland Colleges to apply to participate in the Leadership Exchange Programme Posted on 12/12/2017 00:00:00 British Council has invited local FE College representatives to apply for the ‘Leadership Exchange Programme’ linking the UK with South Africa.

What is the Leadership Exchange Programme?

British Council’s Leadership Exchange Programme funds and facilitates reciprocal visits between leaders and senior managers from skills institutions in the UK and overseas.This programme is aimed at existing senior college leaders or emerging talent who are interested in internationalisation, and developing their capacity for partnership / business development in overseas markets. 

This programme pairs each UK skills leader with a counterpart overseas, providing a grant of £2,000 to each partner to facilitate one visit to the other’s institution. Together, the partners will develop programmes for these visits focused on exploring and showcasing innovative approaches to the leadership and management of skills institutions. Supported by British Council, the hope is that participants will be empowered to build cross-cultural solutions to mutual challenges in this field. 

January 2018 - South Africa Opportunites 

British Council has announced five opportunities to partner with skills institutions in South Africa. As the economic powerhouse of Sub-Saharan Africa, the demand for skills development in South Africa continues to increase. In order to maintain growth, the skills institutions must continue to innovate and advance, and many of South Africa’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training institutions recognise that international collaboration is one way in which this may be achieved.

British Council South Africa has already identified five organisations with senior leaders who are hoping to partner with their peers in the UK. These colleges share attributes, aims and challenge with the UK sector, and an assessment panel will ensure leaders working in similar contexts, targeting comparable goals, or with the expertise sought by their counterparts are paired to ensure that participants derive maximum impact from their involvement in the programme.        

How to apply for Leadership Programme?

The programme is currently open for applicants from across the UK and they would particularly welcome applicants from Northern Ireland whom have been underrepresented in the programme to date.

The Leadership Exchange Programme Application Guidance 2018 available to download from the 
British Council Website.

In order to be considered for the January 2018 opportunities in South Africa, the online Application Form must be submitted before 17.00 (GMT) on
Monday 22 January 2018.

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