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Colleges welcome new industrial relations framework for Further Education sector Posted on 03/03/2014 00:00:00 An independent review of the industrial relations framework within the Further Education (FE) sector in Northern Ireland (NI) was conducted by Sir Robert Salisbury in 2013/14 with the aim of recommending a modern industrial relations framework which is fit for purpose, flexible and supportive of the needs of College employers, staff and NI business and industry.

Sir Robert Salisbury consulted widely with key stakeholders including representatives from Colleges, Trade Unions and Government.  Welcoming the report, Gerard Campbell, Chief Executive of Colleges Northern Ireland (CNI) stated ‘it is clear that present structures require updating and revision to ensure that they are reflective of the modern business and learning environment within which colleges operate.  The new framework presents a positive opportunity to establish a modern industrial relations approach which reflects the strategic role that colleges play within business, industry and in supporting learners”.


Sir Robert Salisbury’s report details 17 recommendations for modernising the industrial relations framework within the FE sector. College employers welcome this report and have accepted these recommendations in full, acknowledging that they provide a positive opportunity for future industrial relations, working in partnership with Trade Unions, staff and other stakeholders in developing an employer-led employee relations framework. College employers will work in a constructive and transparent manner with stakeholders throughout this process in implementing the recommendations over the months ahead.

Download Independent review of the industrial relations framework within the Further Education (FE) sector


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