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£78m spending cuts announced to NI budget

The Finance Minister stated 'Normally, June Monitoring Rounds are benign events whereby the Finance Minister announces how much has been carried over from the previous financial year and, added to the reduced requirements received, the Executive make a number of allocations.That is not the case this year. Unfortunately this Monitoring Round signals the radical change in the public expenditure environment that I have been warning about for some time. Whilst this pressure on public finances is due to a range of factors, the situation is not assisted by the ideological intransigence displayed by some parties that is going to have serious consequences for every single person within Northern Ireland.'....
Posted: Fri 1 Aug 2014


NI Annual Economic Conference, 7 October 2014

Event Date: Fri 1 Aug 2014

AoC Annual Conference, Birmingham 18-20 November 2014

Event Date: Mon 7 Jul 2014

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